"Tales of pioneer hardship and deprivation have been told many times. Yet still we remember in wonder, that people accomplished so much with so little; that men and women with simple tools, their bare hands, and their own inventiveness cleared the land, drained the swamps, made their own clothing and provided their own food. Through all these difficulties God was with them and they wanted their children educated intellectually and spritually." from Norfolk Street United Church history

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bicentennial of the War of 1812

From The Scout Report,
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Visit The War of 1812 website at http://1812.gc.ca

The Canadian government has created this engaging site to document the War of 1812 and to commemorate its 200th anniversary. The site has six primary areas, including Historical Overview, Resource Centre, and Official Messages.

In the Official Messages area, visitors can read a welcome from prime minister Stephen Harper and other elected officials.

Moving on, the Historical Overview area provides a summary of the conflict, told via short passages on the war at sea, major land battles, and the resulting peace settlement.

Moving on, the Media Centre contains photos from related media events, press releases, and speeches.

Also, the Teachers' Corner is quite a find, as it includes a Canada Day Poster Challenge contest, along with lesson plans that give students the opportunity to create their own 3-D model battlefields. [KMG]

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