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Friday, April 27, 2012

US Outdoor advertising from R.C. Maxwell Company Records, 1904-1990s at Duke University Library


Outdoor advertising in the United States has been going on for well over 300 years, and one can find curious and compelling examples on just about any roadway or other venue.

This remarkable digital collection from the Duke University Libraries brings together over 10,000 images from the R.C. Maxwell Company.

Started in 1894, the company was in business until 2000, when it was sold. During its long history, the company was careful to retain thousands of 8" x 10" professional photographs of its billboards, which were located all over the East Coast.

This collection brings together images from New Jersey, along with a clutch of images from Pennsylvania and other localities.

Visitors to the site can read the collection guide and they may also wish to use the Company, Product, Date, Place, and Subject categories to browse selections of photographs.

Some of the highlights here include ads for the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City and some rather creative billboards for Pillsbury products. [KMG]

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